Review: Dingoo / A320, wild dog or timid pet?

Portable gaming at its best

Forget PSPS’s, GameBoys, or any other portable douchebags for that matter. They seem insignificant when you compare them to the does-it-all Dingoo device! Okay, it doesn’t have touchscreen or WiFi but it delivers none the less!

Exactly what does it deliver then? Read on, amigos!

Don’t like text? Watch a few video-impressions on this device to get a general idea:

Linux on Dingoo

Another World on Dingoo

Welcome to the emulated world

Portable gamedevices are filled to the brim with emulators nowadays. NES, SNES, SMS, SMD (Genesis), GBA and sometimes even Linux. This time we struck gold, as the little bugger I’m holding does all that it promises.

We’re talking about the Dingoo / A320, or DS (Delightfully Small) that I just bought from Chinavasion. Been playing with it for a week now and no dissapointments to speak of.

Well, one: takes a bite out of my free time.

What does it do?

This device plays video (AVI, MP4, FLV, MPEG, ASF, DAT, RM, etc.) , music (MP3, OGG, FLAC, WMA, etc.) and contains emulators for NES, SNES, SMS, SMD (Genesis) among others. Most 8- en 16-bit machines are supported.

Some extra’s include an FM-radio, E-book reader (with text-to-speech engine), TV-Out and a Digital Voice Recorder.

How does it feel?

Feels sturdy, not cheap. Looks like a DS-Lite but naturally has a more powerful processor (Nintendo has never been big on technological innovation): 400 Mhz Arm processor which can be overclocked to 430 Mhz.

Presumably has 32 MB’s of RAM. Comes in black and white, has a D-pad, XYBA buttons and two buttons on top of the device (L+R like the DS-lite).

Rubber thingies on the back prevent the device from sliding off a table.

Tiny speakers on the bottom side present a few watts though nothing spectacular.

What about looks…does it impress girls?

…uhm no. I noticed a slight decrease in winks & smiles during my metro and train trips in Barcelona -specifically whilst playing Astro Boy on the GBA emulator-. That really seemed to repel the other sex but enough about that…I’m geeky enough to cope with the abscence of female companionship! Moving on!

The 2.8 inch screen is crisp and viewable from most angles. The LCD screen sports 16M colours, translates well to bigger screens and shows no lag whatsoever when using TV-Out. You can connect the Dingoo to all kinds of TV’s, this feature is really amazing.

Since movies do not have to be converted for playback on the device, it functions as a PMP beautifully.

Performance and features

As I mentioned, the video playback is exquisite. Sound quality is good as well, reminds me of Meizu MP3 players. The extensive equalizer provides ample settings.

The GBA emulator is the best one on the device (no drop in framerates), followed by the NES and SNES emulators. Please note: the Genesis / SMD emulator works, although framerates in many games drop considerably. The current firmware (1.1) has some issues but switching to another OS helps.

Speaking of that, follow this ‘idiot’s guide’ in order to install Dingux on your device.

Since the Genesis / SMD emulator on this device is not top-notch, Dingux will fix that.

Verdict (playtime: one week)

OMG. I have a new best PMP-friend. This device may not perform gaming as well as an iPhone (yet) but it’s going in the right direction.

With Dingux installed, all of the emulators work just fine and the possibilities seem infinte.

This is a Chinese product. Sometimes, these products come with limited support or poorly translated manuals. For the Dingoo, I guess they did a pretty good job.

The firmware is in need for improvement and some translations are absurd, yet this player is amazing. I ordered this from Chinavasion, paid 50 EUR for it (about $ 85,-) and it arrived in 8 days (air mail). Dhl delivery is even faster. Chinavasion provides a 12-month warranty.

Check these videos for Dingux and some gameplay:

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  1. Steve

    Is the Playstation emulator for Dingux done yet? That would make it really interesting…

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