Sciphone i68: clone or competition?

Sciphone facts

Since my review of this phone, I’ve been asked many questions about it. Seeing the review WAS quite fast and snappy, here are some more answers…and the manual. Just to be on the safe side, let me say it again: this is in fact not a clone, yet a look-a-like.

It comes with a completely different set of functions. Questions, questions

Okay, most questions were about internet usage and storage. The Sciphone 68 works with MicroSD, 2 GB is preinstalled. You can use 4 GB and 8 GB cards to expand the memory, these can be bought at any electronics store. Prices range from $ 15 (about 9 euros) to $ 25, do not pay more for these. Then there’s the big internet question, short answer: this phone only supports GPRS, no 3G. You CAN surf the internet however, be sure to have a 2G capable SIM card installed.

Removing the battery cover seems to be an annoyance for many people, so here’s the trick: press the top of the cover, preferably with your whole hand. While pressing, use the weight of your hand to slide the cover down.

It will only slide an inch, but you can remove the cover now.

I’ve scanned the manual, albeit in terrible quality. I blame Sciphone for the crappy quality of paper. Enjoy!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, part 5

Please note: the manual states a 1800mAh battery, forget is a 1200mAh battery!

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  1. Layla

    Tx for evaluating Sciphone, What about the I9 Sciphone. I want to use internet and my outlook and agenda besides phoning.

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