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Sciphone drops N16, N17: keeps the shells for other models

So many choices to make


Since PMP-today linked to my post (and apparently Engadget to theirs) I’ll clarify the Sciphone-situation:

Seems like Sciphone decided to ditch some of the N-models, or at least switch the OS on some phones. I did tip them about not being able to run Android (to full extent) on devices without a digital compass, motion-sensor and/or other hardware…

Let’s say they already produced a couple of devices, about 25,000, what can you do?  Solution: keep Android on the ‘smartest’ phones and throw some Java-based thingy on the lousy models.

Phones from China: cool or crappy?

See what they’ll throw in for you

Yesterday, I used the photo-viewing function on my Chinese phone for the first time. I was impressed, because the scrolling and zooming was similar to stuff I’ve seen on my iPhone.

I own some ‘western’ phones and some Chinese phones, because I travel a lot and therefore use Dual-Sim functionality. The ‘big brands’ are just not into that, so I’m turning to China for some extra functions.

I wrote about Sciphone’s entry in Android-based devices last week, now it’s time to see what Chinavasion has in store for us.

Chinese company Sciphone opens up a can of Android-phones this fall

Yet this almost sounds uncanny

Okay, get ready for this: notorious iPhone-cloner Sciphone has a new website and presents no less than 4 new Android phones! We’ve seen the Sciphone N12 news on the web but now they’re really spilling the beans…

Just as I thought Sciphone gave me some  sugar by informing me of  their upcoming N19 (presumably the cheapest Android phone to date)…the website has been revamped and filled to the brim with new, shiny Android models. Is this for real?

Well, I guess it is, since the company doesn’t do so bad when it comes to selling phones. Get ready for the clone wars, with Sciphone’s already infamous N-series!

Preview: Beneath a Steel Sky for iPhone

Adventure gaming op maat

Revolution Software brengt cult-klassieker Beneath a Steel Sky naar de iPhone met nieuwe besturing, nieuw beeldmateriaal en betere geluidskwaliteit.

Ik heb een tijdje doorgebracht met een bètaversie en mijn ervaringen in het Engels uit de doeken gedaan op ons blog bij

Binnenkort wellicht wat videomateriaal maar lees hier alvast de eerste preview!

International visitors: preview means preview! That’s right, read all about it by clicking those funny Dutch words (or the picture on the left if your aim is off).

Launch dates for 1st European and Chinese Android phones!

While our money is burning in our pockets

Okay, both GeeksPhone One (from Spain) and Sciphone N12 have a ‘should be on the market as from…’ date. It’s October 2009 for both of them which gives us something to ponder on.

Why October? What’s happening in the 10th month of our Gregorian calendar?

Well, truth be told…it includes some Independence days (Nigeria, Croatia,  Turkmenistan), the world-famous Apple day (UK mostly), UN day, Navy day, Thanksgiving (Canada), German Unity day, National day of Spain…

Nokia N900 lijkt heel wat, blijkt vrij summier

Nokia doet eigen ding, trekt zich niets van concurrenten aan

Laten we wel wezen: symbian is niet meer interessant. Nokia heeft het doorgekregen en probeert -in tegenstelling tot succesvolle concurrenten- wéér iets nieuws. Welja, nieuw: Maemo (OS) is gewoon nooit aangeslagen buiten Nokia tablets om. Oja, Nokia tablets zijn ook nooit helemaal aangeslagen.

Review: Sciphone i68 ’3G’

Everything about this phone is  …-ish

Sciphone-clones are interesting. Many people are looking for this kind of phone, as Sciphone seems to clone everything. Including Android (the Sciphone G2).

Briefly after this Android-clone, the company discovered that the popular OS is Open-Source and they will launch a real Android device soon.  Whilst we’re waiting for the Sciphone N12, I’ll provide you with a mini-review of another popular clone:

iPhone clone #1: Sciphone i68 (3G). Because of some inquiries by non-Dutch readers, I decided to do this review in English. I’ll be able to answer your questions in Dutch, German, English, Spanish and French.