Sciphone drops Android, fits N12 with WM 6.5

Too many missing parts

As I pointed out on this website, Sciphone is in a critical not-so-effective decision making process right now. Today, I found that the N12 contains no traces of Android anymore. Sciphone does plan to bring out some Android phones but alas, they are all missing parts.


A while ago, I wrote about the array of devices that Sciphone bestowed upon us. Since these two weeks, the company has dropped some models and decided to randomly fit older models with Android.

The N12 was the center of attention, since it sported a dual boot system. Now, all traces of Android have disappeared from the description of this model on Sciphone’s website. After being postponed a couple of times, it seems Android will not be the next best thing for Sciphone. Why?

What remains are a few Android-models, pestered by lack of hardware and a nuisance called Market Segmentation.

Market what?

Phone manufacturers have no interest in creating the perfect phone. Sounds like a conspiracy theory but it’s just simple economics. Phones are designed to provide you with a unique selling point, or two if you’re lucky. Hence the Navigation Phone, Camera Phone, Internet Phone, Business Phone, etc. This is probably why Sciphone decided to fit the remaining Android models with different hardware, although these are not even remotely close to (full)  functioning Android devices.

Sciphone is now focused on producing the cheapest Android-phone, which quite frankly excludes them from the market instead of introducing them . Are they out?

N19 / N20

Silly phones without 3G, GPS or any workable amount of RAM (or ROM). The N19 and N20 look the same and carry the same hardware.


Some extra’s include a 5MP camera, motion sensor and a 624 Mhz Marvell processor. Still no 3G and no GPS. A nice perk would be the (promised) Dual SIM functionality. In general, I am getting doubts about these models.

…considerable doubts.

You can check all the specifications of these phones on Sciphone’s website

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