What is free and connects your iPhone to more networks than Apple does?

Another wi-fi scanner?

Yes, you heard that right. This nifty piece of software scans way better than the internal wi-fi scanner on your iPhone or iTouch! Furthermore,  e-Wifi is completely free.

This application does more than your regular wi-fi scanner; it connects to networks as well.

Don’t ask me how, but the range of networks is significantly increased when using e-Wifi. Probably, this is linked to Apple’s desire to provide us with the strongest connection…and only this connection indeed.

Time to replace your wi-fi scanner. Networking

Suppose you (and a few million others) would like to reap the benefits of the magnificient iPhone OS, without paying too much. Naturally, you would consider buying an iTouch to see where that gets you. Good idea? Yes, definitely! So go ahead and pick one up at your not-so-local E-bay Store, not forgetting this:

- If you’re in Europe: go to the American E-bay and utilise your strong  euro’s (while you still can). An iPod Touch (2g/3g) will cost about 100 EURO’s (new), don’t pay more.

- Buy an iTouch-microphone ($ 10,- / 8 EUR)

- Download e-Wifi for free

(iTunes US: e-Wifi , iTunes NL: e-Wifi)


E-wifi finds more wireless networks than my laptop with enhanced wi-fi USB-stick!

The software connects to any of the networks that it finds. Beware though, if the signal is low you could loose the connection. Still, Apple does not even show these networks, which makes e-Wifi perfect for a quick sync or e-mail moment.

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