Launch dates for 1st European and Chinese Android phones!

While our money is burning in our pockets

Okay, both GeeksPhone One (from Spain) and Sciphone N12 have a ‘should be on the market as from…’ date. It’s October 2009 for both of them which gives us something to ponder on.

Why October? What’s happening in the 10th month of our Gregorian calendar?

Well, truth be told…it includes some Independence days (Nigeria, Croatia,  Turkmenistan), the world-famous Apple day (UK mostly), UN day, Navy day, Thanksgiving (Canada), German Unity day, National day of Spain…

…Columbus day, World Food day, International day of Non-violence, International World Teacher’s day, Health & Sports day, and much…much more! Our main concern, ofcourse, is Android-day!

The kind people at GeeksPhone One told me to expect beta testing in October so the launch might be pushed even further to the end of the year.

Sciphone’s marketing gal promised me an N12 for the public test (initially set in July, yet postponed to SOON) and they announced the launch date “October 2009″, on their website.

Meanwhile, knock yourselves out with some footage of the GeeksPhone One:

Sources: Sciphone / Bluelans

GeeksPhone One: Website / Blog (info from mail contact…hope this info wasn’t confidential)

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